Most people in Greenland welcome visitors and are in many cases just as curious as you are. For many visitors and locals the best experiences comes from meeting and engaging each other in a way that provides value for both. This can be from just a smile, a conversation to engaging in shared activities.
Even if a small Greenlandic village may seem like another world from your home, the general rule of conduct is basically not to behave in a way you would not at home.
There are however some special considerations as most settlements in Greenland are working areas and designed for local use. In North Greenland sled dogs are not pets and should never be approached. You may find tools and equipment apparently lying around, but be sure it belongs to someone and has a purpose.
Ask your onboard-guides if there are special considerations before going a shore, and follow these simple advices:
• Smile and say hello
• Ask before you take pictures, and always respect a “no”
• Talk to people, not about them
• Respect local habits
• If invited into a local’s home, always remember to take off your shoes before entering